What is SureMed Packaging?

SureMed is a convenient option for patients with multiple medications to maintain. It is a medication adherence packaging system that allows customization based on each patient’s prescription. Because the SureMed card’s inside cover and additional flap provide sufficient space for labels, it reduces the risk of taking the wrong meds or missing a scheduled dose. The labels can even include associated instructions from the pharmacist or the physician.

Adhering to medication therapy requirements becomes less of a hassle because of these SureMed benefits:

  • Blister packing for multiple medications
  • Translucent packing allows the patient to see the blister contents before taking them orally
  • Most medications can be packed in this convenient system
  • Allows you to easily tell if your loved one’s have been taking their meds
  • Reduces the chance of taking a medication on the wrong day/time
  • Pill descriptions are printed on the label so you know what the medications look like
  • Medications will be filled every month on the same day, saves you from making multiple trips to the pharmacy:
    • There is no charge for this service, you only pay the copays that your insurance already charges.
    • Can’t make it to the pharmacy? No problem! we deliver for free.

Your intake regimen can be as simple as taking one pill on specific days of the week or as complex as having four or five different medications to keep track of. Either way, SureMed is still a viable choice for any patient. Please ask our pharmacist about this service the next time you visit. We look forward to assisting you soon.