“Not Just Your Pharmacy, we’re your family” is the driving force behind VistaCare Pharmacy which is owned by Nazir Hassan. He started his pharmacy career at just 16 years of age and worked for corporate owned pharmacies where he realized that many things could be improved. Patient’s come first and not shareholders. Some of the things he changed in his pharmacies was that you will always greeted by your name, will not be rushed when talking to your pharmacist, multiple options for packaging your medications, delivery services that bring them to your door, and technology that makes the entire process easier and more accurate.

He was born and raised in St. Petersburg, FL, attended the University of South Florida where received his degree, and is still an active part of the local community. He has a total of 18+ years of experience in pharmacies in the retail, closed-door, independent and corporate owned settings. Today, he owns pharmacies located in Pinellas and Hillsborough county as well as an e-commerce business providing over-the-counter medications and medical equipment. You will still find him working in his stores and you can stop and chat with him at any time you like.

His main motivation for starting his own businesses was because of his family. In less than one year, 3 of his family members were diagnosed with cancer and 1 of them did not make it. He saw the struggles they went through in trying to obtain their medications and knew that by owning his own pharmacy that he could at least help them with that issue. Owning his own business also gave him more time to spend with his family and friends, because life is just too short to spend working all the time. It is a decision he hasn’t regretted and he is now using his businesses to help others.