COVID-19 Vaccines

We are currently offering the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine at the Tampa and Pinellas Park locations and are one of the few locations that do not require an appointment, just show up at your convenience!


Please call for further details:
Tampa – (813) 444-4410
Pinellas Park – (727) 692-9842

Our Suggestions:

  • Please bring your ID and copy of insurance card to appointment
  • COVID Vaccines are Free even if you have no insurance
  • If you had a previous COVID infection you must wait 30 days before receiving vaccine
  • Your temperature will be taken before receiving a vaccine
  • You must wait 15 minutes for us to monitor you after the injection
  • You must wait 30 minutes for us to monitor you if you have a history of reactions to vaccines
  • (Optional) Download the V-Safe app and CDC will provide free check-ins via your cell phone

Common Side Effects:
Most symptoms occur within 24hrs after the injection but in some rare cases can take several days before manifesting.

– Pain in injection site
Apply cooling pads or a wet washcloth to the area. Massage the area and stretching exercises can help. NSAIDS like Advil (ibuprofen) or Aleve (naproxen) are not recommended at this time

– Fever/Headache
Apply cooling pads to forehead to help reduce fever. Tylenol (acetaminophen) can used if fever persists but is not recommended at this time

– Chills
Wrap yourself in a blanket or use heating pads

– Tiredness
Plan on taking off the next day from work or other obligations and get as much sleep as possible. Drink plenty of fluids, particularly water and electrolytes.

In rare cases, if you experience difficulty breathing, swelling of the throat, or any other extreme symptoms then please call 911 immediately.


  • Must be 18+ years at this time
  • Requires 2 doses 28 days apart
  • View Fact Sheet (Revised 3/26/21)


  • Must be 12+ years at this time
  • Requires 2 doses 21 days apart
  • View Fact Sheet (Revised 4/6/21)

Johnson & Johnson

  • Must be 18+ years at this time
  • Requires only 1 dose
  • View Fact Sheet (Revised 3/19/21)

COVID-19 Testing

We are patiently waiting for the COVID-19 Vaccines to arrive and unlike most pharmacies we are registered at both the state and federal levels to receive them. Click here to join our COVID-19 waitlist and we will contact you as soon as they are available.


Antibody Test
15 min Result


Antigen Nasal Swab Test
10 min Result


PCR At Home test
48 Hour Result

We offer many testing types to choose from and all our staff are licensed and well trained to make this process as comfortable as possible. We are one of the few locations that DO NOT REQUIRE AN APPOINTMENT and best of all our prices are lower than most other testing sites. We currently do not bill insurance for COVID testing but we can provide you with a receipt that allows you to attempt reimbursement from them. You can choose to wait in your car or in a secluded area in the store and the staff will do everything while you wait. If you have any questions that are not answered below then please call us at 813-444-4410 or email us

COVID Antibody Test – $79

This is used to tell if you have had COVID in the past and looks for the IgM and IgG antibodies. This is the cheapest and most comfortable test as it only requires 1 drop of blood from a tiny fingerprick that you can hardly feel. It can take several days or weeks for these antibodies to develop once you are infected so this is NOT the best test to use if you are trying to determine if you are actively infected. We recommend you use this test for your own personal reasons but not for submitting to your job or for travel

  • Tiny fingerprick that is almost painless
  • Not recommended for travel or return to work
  • 15 min result
  • Used to determine past infections
  • Affordable and quick

COVID Antigen Test – $99

This is used to tell if you are currently infected and have been recently exposed to the virus. This test is surprisingly affordable for the convenience and speed at which it can produce a result. It does require a nasal swab which can be uncomfortable for some. This test is great to determine whether or not you should quarantine from others, most employers will accept it, only some forms of travel will accept it.

  • Nasal swab that may be uncomfortable for some
  • Used to return to work and for personal results
  • 10 min result
  • Used to determine active infections
  • Affordable and results accepted by many

COVID PCR Saliva Test (At Home DIY) – $150

The PCR test is used to determine active infections and is the most accurate and widely accepted COVID test available. We are proud to be one of the first to offer the version that can be done at home and using a saliva sample. That’s right, you don’t have to leave your house, simply order it from our website, test yourself, and mail out the sample. You receive your results 48 hours after your sample is received. It requires a small saliva sample and is accepted by almost everyone requiring a test. Most PCR test are much more expensive and require a nasal swab which can be very uncomfortable. Most employers and countries will accept it but please verify before choosing the type of test you prefer.

  • Saliva test that is easy to do at home
  • Used to return to work, travel, and for personal results
  • 48 hour result
  • Used to determine active infections
  • Most affordable PCR test and results accepted by many

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An Important note: COVID-19 tests are diagnostic tools. A negative test result does not rule out a person from contracting COVID-19 in the future.